Certification ISO 9001:2008


TWT always works focused in manufacturing highly qualified and efficient products according to the client's needs, besides offering good quality services and, chiefly, commitment to the environment caring.


Be top of mind in the Industrial heat exchangers manufacturing sector.


• Promoting the ethics with justice, respect, honesty, equality and transparency;
• Innovating and daring with knowledge and responsibility;
• Offering products and services of quality, with an advanced technology, in a standard of transparent, efficient, gracious and respectful attendance, aiming at the customers' satisfaction, for a maintenance of lasting relationships;
• Promoting work conditions that propitiate the balance between the professional, personal and familiar life of the employees;
• Stimulating the team work, stimulating ant motivating collaborators through promotions and personal recognition;
• Guaranteeing security and healthy in the work, supplying for this all the necessary conditions and equipment;
• Recognizing the right of free association of the employees, to respect and value the participation in unions and not practice any type of negative discrimination with regard to employee union members;
• Respecting and promoting the diversity and not accepting any kind of discriminations and prejudice by means of transparent politics of admission, training, promotion in the carrer, ascension the positions and resignation;
• Keeping a relation with competitors established in the principles of honesty and respect, adopting explicit and declared rules on the concurrence procedures;
• Repairing possible losses or decurrent prejudices of data caused under our responsibility to our customers with maximum agility and in practicable period;
• Leading the businesses and activities with social and ambient responsibility.

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Social Entrance: Salomão Street, 68/79. Cumbica. Guarulhos-SP. Zip Code: 07222-121

Loading and unloading area: Sivi Street, 160. Cumbica. Guarulhos-SP. Zip Code: 07222-190